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Adopt A Village Program


The organisation adopted a village Khedli Jeeta in Hathin Block in Palwal district in the Haryana. It worked for the overall development of the village. women empowerment, sanitation, education, health and implementation of government schemes all were taken simultaneously for the organisation believes that development is not a one way road. It needs emphasis on all sections of society as each and every section is related to the other. In order to make a calculated move towards development, the organisation made a statistical summary of the village.

Village – Khedli Jeeta, Block – Hathin, District – Palwal, State- Haryana, India

Name of the Sarpanch – Gopal, 45yr. – male, SC

Qualification – 11th

Total number of Panch – 7 (male – 4, female – 3); (General- 4, SC-2, OBC-1)

Santosh – female – 40yr. SC

Geeta – female – 32yr. gen

Sandhya – female – 28yr. gen

Naresh – male – 35yr. OBC

Vijay – male – 45yr. SC

Devdutt – 35yr. gen

Nawab – 45yr. gen

Total population – 999, male – 533, female – 466, (sex ratio-874; Haryana-879)

Total SC population – 90, male – 50, female – 40

Total number of BPL families – 24, SC – 14, Gen – 10

Total number of schools – 1 (primary)

Total number of health centres – Not any

Total number of veterinary hospital – Not any

Total land of panchayat – 8 acres

Total water reservoirs – 4, (waste water – 1, clean water – 3)

System of waste water disposal – by lift system to Gurgaon canal

The next village adopted is Nangla Bhikhu.
Nangla Bhiku village is located in Palwal Tehsil of Palwal district in Haryana, India
The organisation started with an essay and drawing competition for village school children in the month of February 2017. The topic was ‘Our National Festivals’. The students and the teachers enthusiastically participated. The winners were awarded prizes. It was an effort to inculcate nationalism in the young minds.
The volunteers talked to the children, men and women to know more about the life and problems of their village.