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4DOG’SAKE India is a charity founded in 2016 by Raftaar and Sanchi Budhiraja .All year round they ensure a better life for thousands of strays who are fed, given clothes in the winter, rehabilitated through adoption, medically cared for, sterilized and vaccinated.
The charity is known for holding vaccination drives regularly and vaccinating dogs against rabies and other fatal diseases.Funds needed to achieve these goals are collected through crowd funding on a monthly basis as well as holding fundraising events.

The annual Adoption drive cum Fundraiser of 4Dog’Sake India is one of the most awaited events in Delhi where hopeful families come to meet Indie breed dogs up for adoption as well as take part in fun and frolic at the event that brings together lovely dogs, great food and live performances by famous artists.

The entry fee collected from these events is shared between the hosting cafe and the NGO, where the latter uses it for its monthly functions.

One such event was held at Puppychino Farms on the eve of the second anniversary of the NGO, on May 6.
The event attracted over 200 people and ended with 2 Indie dogs finding their forever families.
However, concepts such as “adopt, don’t shop” and the importance of sterilization are year round promoted by the organization, while thousands of people following us on Social media are made aware of the same through videos documentaries and posts.

Since it’s inception, 4Dog’Sake has successfully vaccinated over 250 dogs with the help of paravets and vets, Sterilized 200 via MCD and Friendicoes, and fed countless dogs and cats.
The NGO has till date also provided medical aid to over 1500 dogs as well as rehabilitate through Adoption about 40 dogs and cats. While several dogs are treated on the spot with the help of Volunteers, most require being taken to vets at short notice and therefore are treated at vets nearest to the location of the dog in need of help. Often times, dogs and cats are homed in medical boardings and foster homes while undergoing treatment for diseases that require round the clock surveillance, such as Parvo or Distemper.

With a team of 200 Volunteers, 4Dog’Sake India works all across Delhi and NCR, and also provides online guidance to people all over India through social media platforms.

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