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Welcome to Parivartan-The Change

We, here, at “Parivartan- The Change” look forward for your formal and informal moral support, expert guidance, generous and kind facilitation to achieve our goal, which is for sure your aim too. Hoping to have some tie-ups and getting the golden opportunity to work with you all. We all are very much hopeful to be blessed by you. Needless to say, we can assure you for all the efforts would be put by our dedicated team to achieve the mission and vision of the
“Parivartan- The Change.”

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Lockdown Part-1, 2, 3 or maybe 4 or 5 or….

It’s going to change with every passing day. New challenges, new needs and new plans.Ready food packets, dry groceries, food and water for strays and feathers all was and are still being taken care of.

Coronavirus can be prevented- Stay Home, Stay Safe

The complete lockdown in the country has brought several challenges. Especially for the rickshaw pullers, construction labourers and the other daily wagers, survival was a big issue. Parivartan decided to lend a ready hand to them.

4 Dog’Sake

4DOG’SAKE India is a charity founded in 2016 by Raftaar and Sanchi Budhiraja .All year round they ensure a better life for thousands of strays who are fed, given clothes in the winter, rehabilitated through adoption, medically cared for, sterilized and vaccinated.

Adopt A Village Program

Each ‘Adarsh Village’ should have piped drinking water, connectivity to the main road, electricity supply to all households, library, telecom and broadband connectivity including CCTVs in public areas.

Capacity Building & Training Program

* Training Programme at Indian Army School
* Training Programme for PRIs in Haryana.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides, the organization is working with Corporates and executing the Social Responsibilities of the companies to the grass root level.

Dr. Sangeeta Paul Budhiraja

from director’s desk.

With a pledge to serve the mankind in general and rural masses in particular and focus on development of rural sector, we, a few like-minded people, with similar feelings for the rural people, have resolved to put in our effort to work for the welfare of the society. With this noble cause we came together on a platform and have started a trust by the name of “Parivartan- The Change”. The name itself indicates for a revolution to change the rural scenario to the higher level of respectable human being inhabiting in rural areas.
The trust, with its head office in Delhi, aims to work at the grass-root level for rural development through empowerment of Panchayat Raj.   Besides, the upliftment of women is also its prime concern.

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Self Help Program

The village door to door survey came up with alarming possibilities of self help in rural masses. Many women are skilled in carpet weaving. They make beautiful carpets with the left over cuttings. The major hindrance was the availability of the raw material. Since there is neither boutique culture nor many tailoring shops, the raw material is not available and the skill lies dormant. At this point the workers of the PARIVARTAN – The Change team collect left over cuttings from the tailors in Delhi and give it to the villagers. At present there is not much production as to go for marketing, but yes, they make enough to meet their own needs. Savings too is a part of income generation.


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Social Welfare Program.

The team frequently makes visits to the village and spreads awareness regarding sanitation and education related issues. Whether it is the health, education, family or any other issue, the organization lends its ready hands to the villagers in general and women in special.

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

To accelerate the efforts to achieve universal sanitation coverage and to put focus on sanitation, the Prime Minister of India launched the Swachh Bharat Mission on 2nd October, 2014. The entire team of Parivartan- the change is dedicated to make india a cleaner-healthier place to live in. In this regard, the organisation has made countless efforts and has een able to make its adopted village, Khedli jeeta,block- hathin;dist. Palwal, Haryana, a open defication free village. Recently the village got an award of one lakh rupee from Haryana govt. For its sanitation. The village is well equipped with solid waste management program and pure drinking water facility. The work of covering the drains is in progress.